What is GrowthPLUS?

The GrowthPLUS network supports the implementation of effective evaluation systems in Michigan districts regardless of which state-approved teacher or administrator evaluation tools the district adopts. Participants are district representatives (one to two per subscriber district and may be the School ADvance Implementation Network district representatives) who are responsible for designing, developing, facilitating, supporting, and evaluating the local district educator evaluation system.

GrowthPLUS offers a fully integrated and research-based framework for local educator evaluation systems using any of the state approved evaluation tools. Participants will receive training and support for building a solid local infrastructure for educator evaluation that meets all state requirements while fostering learning, growth, and adaptation.

The annual subscription covers one to two district representatives.

Subscription covers:

  • One drive-in clinic on the characteristics of an effective educator evaluation system
  • One drive-in clinic on implementing the state VAM/Growth Model and a local district growth model
  • Two webinar implementation and support sessions
  • Design manual for effective evaluation and growth assessment practices
  • Tools and resources for local facilitators
  • Limited phone and online consultations
  • Discussion forum