Examine the School ADvance Evaluation Tools

Superintendent and District Leaders 

Superintendent and District Leader Framework

Superintendent and District Leader Summative Rubric

Superintendent and District Leader Formative Rubric


Principal and Building Leaders

Principal and Building Leader Framework

Principal and Building Leader Summative Rubric

Principal and Building Leader Formative Rubric


Non-Instructional Leaders

Non-Instructional Leader Framework

Non-Instructional Leader Summative Rubric


Rubrics can be customized to fit the responsibilities of each administrator, if necessary.

School ADvance has updated to 2.0 resources to provide options for ISDs and ESAs to establish personalized quality indicators and develop improvement targets. 

Please contact Sara Shriver, School ADvance Coordinator, if you would like more information about the School ADvance Administrator Evaluation Model.

sshriver@gomasa.org or 989-620-5899